Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" and I said, "Here am I. Send me!"
Isaiah 6:8 (NIV)

Missions Week 2022 Wrap-Up

Your Sacrificial Giving Makes a Difference!

God calls each of us to care for the least and the lost, and one of the many ways we can do that is through sacrificially giving as we are able. Through your donations to Missions Week 2022, we are able to continue supporting our missionaries' and our Missions Partners' financial needs.

Will you answer His call today?

Schedule for the Week

Morning Discussion & Prayer

DAILY at 8am - Join Gaylyn Kelly in the mornings for a special Missions discussion. Gaylyn will be joined each day by missionaries who will share their stories of answering God's call and their personal relationship with Mt. Bethel

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Missions Dinner

THURSDAY at 6pm - Be our guest for dinner in the Mt. Bethel Fellowship Hall! The evening's speaker will be Cecilia Sakatira from Haggai International. Learn more about her below. Nursery available for ages 6 months to 5 years..

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Saturday Conference

STARTS at 9am | We'll begin with worship and a message from Peter Pereira of Global Hope Partners. The day includes panel sessions, activities for children, complimentary boxed lunch, and a closing message from Jody Ray.

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MW22 Discussion Schedule | Monday - Friday

Monday | Matt Williams, Atlanta, Campus Outreach
Tuesday | Morgan Worch, Honduras, Orphanage Emmanuel
Wednesday | Jeff and Lauren Cardell, Romania, Adventures in Missions
Thursday | Glen and Lisa Bailey, Kenya, TMS Global
Friday | John Williams, MB Missions

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Featured Speakers

Thursday, March 3 - Cecilia Sakatira, Haggai International
Thursday, March 3 - Cecilia Sakatira, Haggai International

Cecilia has been serving as a missionary for 22 years. She currently serves with Creative Hands, a faith-based NGO in Greece that she began with a business partner, where she trains refugees in the art of weaving and sewing. Her passion and expertise are to aid the spiritual, emotional, and physical development of women and families.

Saturday, March 5 - Peter Pereira, Global Hope Partners
Saturday, March 5 - Peter Pereira, Global Hope Partners

Dr. Peter Pereira and his wife, Esther, are the founding Directors of Global Hope Partners, an evangelistic ministry serving southeast Asia. Through their leadership and vision, Hope for Today teams serve soy milk to children, meals to the poorest of the poor, education and training to women, and the gospel to some of the least reached people groups in southeast Asia. Peter partners with International Leadership Institute to provide training to tens of thousands of ministry leaders, bringing the hope of Christ to many.

Sunday, March 6 - Warren Lathem, Venezuela Now
Sunday, March 6 - Warren Lathem, Venezuela Now

Dr. Warren Lathem, a retired Elder in the UMC, North Georgia, is the founder and President of Venezuela Now, Inc, a US non-profit supporting the ministries of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela, four Wesley Medical Centers  which treated 35,000 patients in 2021, and the Methodist Church of Venezuela which has grown to over 10,000 members since its founding in 2007. Also in 2021, VNI shipped almost one million meals, $2 million dollars worth of medicines to Venezuela, and enough infant formula to support 150 at-risk infants every month.

Sunday, March 6, North Campus - Wes Griffin, ILI
Sunday, March 6, North Campus - Wes Griffin, ILI

Dr. Wes Griffin, President and CEO, of International Leadership Institute, has a passion for seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. Twenty years ago, God called Wes, his wife Joy, and a team of leaders from around the world to change history by equipping leaders and accelerating the spread of the Gospel around the world. From a single training event in 2001, the ILI Team is now a global movement with over 260,000 alumni in more than 120 nations who committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. More than 800 training events are held annually around the world. Prior to establishing the International Leadership Institute, Wes served as a senior pastor in Georgia; he was the founding dean of the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and he was an evangelist with the World Methodist Council.

Partner Snapshots

We will update these as information is received.

Back Pack Blessings

Pam Palermo, Founder and School Liaison

Tony Palermo, Founder and Volunteer Crew Leader

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Prayers for the students safety and well being
    • Prayers for the teachers and administrators
    • Prayers for the Ministry, our volunteers, and donors
  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    • Tuesday mornings: 3-5 Men meet the USFoods truck at the Church and deliver the food to the Cagle House
      • Thursdays: 4 pm-5pm | 12-15 volunteers stage the food at the Cagle House
      • Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm | 25-30 volunteers pack the back packs at the Cagle House
      • Fridays 8:45-10:30am 5-7 volunteers deliver the back packs to the students at Fair Oaks
    • Contact to Volunteer:
    • Website
FaithBridge Foster Care/Called to Care

Chuck Campbell, Director of Community of Care

Cathi Alford, Director of Community Engagement

FaithBridge Foster Care

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Recruit more Foster Families that will take teens and/or siblings into their home. As well as volunteers to support these families.
    • 13 Plus+:  Funding to support finding homes that will take a teen or sibling group into their home.
    • FaithBridgeU: Funding to support our training platform for foster families.
  • Volunteer opportunities:
    • Prayer, respite care, childcare (so Foster Families can have a date night or attend required training), meals, donated items.

Stephen (Ministry Team Leader) and Stephanie Watts, Resource Coordinator

Called to Care

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • That God would place a burden to foster children within the Mt. Bethel community and raise up additional families that would support these foster families
  • Volunteer opportunities:
    • Prayer and meal warriors. These families will provide a meal to our foster families once a month and also pray for our foster families.
  • Contact Stephen Watts to volunteer for FaithBridge/Called to Care
  • Website
Friends of Estonia

Page Henry, Mission Advocate

Carl Henry, Mission Advocate

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Prayer for the reduction of the Covid-19 Pandemic as it affects both our participants and the connecting congregations in Estonia and their respective congregation members and leaders.
    • Prayer for the Baltic countries as they live in the shadow of the threatened Russian territorial aggression which is a continual issue in the news and has been for the last 1-2 years.
    • Prayer for the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary in Tallinn, Estonia. The Seminary is at a crucial time in its life as it is now 27 years since it was founded. There have been in excess of 250 graduates during that time (85% remain today active in leadership roles in churches in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belarus, Russia and other countries in the area). The seminary is reaching a point of needing more staff,educators and more financial support as their mission has grown to the point of needing to add more capacity to continue the success of and the growth in educating more leaders in the church community throughout the Baltic and surrounding area.
  • Engagement opportunities:
    • Continued hands on mission trips to Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia in support of the youth at our connecting congregation and the Methodist Youth Camps at Camp Gideon near Kohtla-Jarve. VBS camps at Kohtla-Jarve normally serve 20-25 youth 6-16 of age for 5 days during summer vacation. Camp Gideon Youth Camps usually serve 80-100 youths from western Estonia and parts of Russia for 5 days during summer.
    • Hands on support for Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary (Page and Carl Henry currently serve on the BMTS Development Committee organized 3 years ago by Bishop Christian Alstead as advisors with emphasis on financial issues and fundraising.
    • Friends of Estonia- For approximately 15 years there have been several members of Mt. Bethel UMC who have participated in various capacities in FOE activities in Estonia. FOE is a group of approximately 20 Methodist churches throughout the USA who have come alongside churches or other church oriented organizations in Estonia and have provided them with various kinds of support….prayer, visitation, communication of encouragement, assistance in financial needs for specific needs and projects. We would very much like to have additional members of Mt Bethel consider becoming involved in this activity. FOE has been in existence since 1998 which was in the same time frame that Mt Bethel became involved with Estonia through the efforts of the late Mr Eddie Fox and of our very own Wes Griffin.

We are hopeful and beginning plans (if supported by Mt Bethel Missions) for at least one smaller sized group (6-8) of individuals which would be focused upon the youth camps mentioned above and consultation in person as well as evaluation by Mt Bethel members for evaluating the needs of the Seminary and to what extent we may be able to assist in the future. It is hoped that Covid-19 continues to diminish and will allow an in person Friends of Estonia meeting this year (possibly early fall/late summer) and, if possible, we would very much like to be able to invite the representatives from the various participating US churches and several of the Estonian churches and church leaders to come to Marietta to a meeting of 2-2.5 days of planning and coordination of support efforts between US churches and several Estonian church leaders. 

  • Website
Global Hope Partners

Esther and Peter (President and CEO) Pereira, Founders

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Pray that those experiencing poverty would receive the aid offered by Global Hope Partners and recognize the love of God
    • Pray for the believers who are being persecuted for their faith in South Asia.  Pray that they will remain strong in the face of adversity and that their faith will not waiver.
    • We ask that God will show Global Hope Partners many fruitful ways to minister to the persecuted believers, so we can show God’s care and love for them and they will know they are not alone.
    • Pray for those whose circumstances find them unable to educate their children – whether due to the death of their spouse or because they’ve entered into a bonded labor situation.  We ask God to reveal ways to help them escape poverty through vocational training for adults or by finding ways to get their children into school.
International Leadership Institute

Wes Griffin, President and CEO

Jerry Anze, Associate Director for Global Online Mobilization

Linda Freeland, Church Partnership Coordinator

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Anointing to Equip Leaders Globally
    • Protection for Team Members in Persecuted Nations
    • Accelerating the Spread of the Gospel Around the World
    • Translating and launching the updated ILI Curriculum in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian in 2022.
    • Mt Bethel leaders to join ILI’s on-demand training community.
    • Missionary Support for our newest team member, Jerry Anze.                   
  • Engagement opportunities:
    • When it comes to missions, there is a difference between knowing the numbers and knowing their names. By joining ILI’s on-demand training community you can connect with Christian leaders from more than 100 nations. There, you’ll begin to see and hear how believers around the world are learning and living the Eight Core Values of the most effective Christian leaders. By being a part of the ILITeam, you’ll join global leaders on a leadership journey and personally discover God’s passion for the nations. Sometimes being SENT begins with being online.
    • Members, clergy, and staff of Mt. Bethel are urged to serve as GoTeam faculty for upcoming ILI National Level Training events in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Possibly more locations as Covid restrictions expire.

      The GO Team is the name given to all faculty and prayer team members. This name is based on Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:19­20 where we are commanded to: “GO and make disciples of all nations in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”GO Team members serve under the leadership of ILI Senior Faculty members and the National Host Team. The leaders whom we serve represent the cutting edge of evangelism globally. They know their language and culture and they are highly committed. They already serve as leaders, but request more training in order to serve with even greater effectiveness.Participating in an ILI Conference is a life ­changing experience. GoTeam members will influence and be influenced by outstanding men and women who are passionate to live out their Christian faith. GoTeam members will be inspired, challenged, and probably broken, as they experience the power of the Holy Spirit being poured out day upon day.
  • To learn more about how to get involved, please go to: Or you may contact Linda Freeland.
  • Website

Toria Peterson, Family Support Manager

  • Ministry Needs/Prayer Requests:
  • Prayers for over 200 faithful and excited volunteers for Camp Hope 2022
  • Prayers for the Jackson family – housing and employment instability
  • Prayers for Kenneth – One of our teen campers facing some challenges
  • Prayers for Brenesha – One of our alumni facing some financial challenges
  • Prayers for our Mom’s Bible Study – Meeting weekly on Tuesday nights. Pray for hearts to be softened and for them to hear the Word.
  • Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:
    • Camp Hope:
    • We are looking for volunteers to serve at our week-long, overnight summer camp! Spend a week teaching our campers about the love of Christ. We are in need of over 200 volunteers this summer. Anyone 9th Grade and above is eligible to serve.
    • Dates: July 9-15 at Camp Twin Lakes (Rutledge, GA) and July 17-22 at Camp Grace (Roberta, GA)
    • Volunteer Link
    • Interns4Tomorrow:
    • We are in need of “meal sponsors” for our high-school Interns4Tomorrow program. At the end of each training, we will host a Family Dinner for our interns, their business coaches, and their families. We are looking for volunteers (individuals, families, small groups, etc.), to either provide that meal, or donate towards us purchasing a meal. Meals will feed approximately 30 individuals each week.
    • Dates: Saturday, February 26; Saturday, March 26; Saturday, April 30 – Mt. Bethel Community Center
    • Contact Amy Bowling if interested:  404.434.4005
Life Academy - Romania

Bette and Paul Cardell, Founders and U.S. Representatives

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • We urgently need technical support for our website and Facebook page. They need updating and re-organizing.
    • We need financial support for upgrading our ministry van. It is used to transport our clients to doctors and to and from church. It is also used to haul wood for winter heating and food for needy families.
    • Prayer requests would include the health of our Romanian staff in this Covid spike and God’s direction  and vision in a new reality of curfews and prohibitions on gathering.
  • Volunteer opportunities: 
    • Stateside, we need technical support for Facebook and website updating and maintenance.
    • We need prayer for a new vision in a new reality as Covid has deeply impacted our ability to do ministry as it has been done in the past.
  • Contact email address: Life Academy Romania at
  • Website

Currently, we have a vision trip planned for the spring to determine the feasibility of a ministry trip in the fall.

Missio International - Romania

Darlene and Mike McKeithen, Board Members and Former President of Missio Int’l(Mike)

Cathy and Steve Franks, Board Members

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests – Pray for our programs and staff.
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Sponsor one of the girls in our program.
    • Support through funding
    • Shop on Amazon Smile to benefit the girls and our programs
    • Sponsor a resident to help provide her needs while at Deborah House
    • Attend a mission trip – Due to Covid restrictions, we will once again be hosting a Virtual Trip in 2022.
    • Contact to volunteerCathy or Steve Franks
    • Website 
MUST Ministries

Denise Serkedakis, Sr. Director of Development

Greg Elder, VP – Client Services

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Cot-Sized blankets
    • Full Sized Shampoo
    • Laundry Detergent
    • New underwear for men, women, boys, and girls
    • New sheet sets (especially queen and king)
    • Baby Shampoo
    • Baby lotion
    • Wipes
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Senior Food Deliveries – Volunteers help us deliver 30 lb boxes of food to senior citizens in need in Smyrna and Marietta. Deliveries happen on the 3rd Tuesday and Thursday each month. Senior Food Delivery Sign Up
    • Meal Providers – Our Loaves & Fishes Kitchen serves three meals a day every day of the year. Meal Providers help purchase, prepare and serve the meals to our shelter residents, Email for information and calendar availability.
    • Mobile Pantry – Volunteers meet our Mobile Pantry bus on location to help set up the pantry, assist clients with their food needs and disassemble the pantry afterward. Mobile Pantry Sign Up
  • Website
Orphanage Emmanuel - Honduras

Mary Beth and Steve Worch, Volunteers and Former Staff Members

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Prayer Requests:
      • Continued Health 
      • Individuals/families/couples to serve at Emmanuel for a season
    • Current Ministry Needs
      • Staff/Short & long term Volunteers
      • Regular monthly donors whether in child sponsorship or to a general area of Emmanuel
      • Large grants for on the ground projects at Emmanuel
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Short & Long Term Volunteers – Dedicate a season of service at Emmanuel walking and serving alongside others.  A volunteer would live on campus and have a job (office, farm, childcare, Child’s house, etc) and have a life changing experience
    • Sponsorship of a Child – By sponsoring a child you will be able to assist in their everyday needs (food, clothing, housing, medical, & education).  In addition, you will be able to develop a relationship with the child by praying for them, sending them packages/letters for birthdays/Christmas, and if you travel to Emmanuel spending time with them.
    • Containers – When a container shipment is announced there are numerous ways to assist. There are opportunities to be a part of the drive for a specific need (diapers, clothes, shoes, etc), collection point and transport the goods to Chattanooga, TN, and/or be part of the loading team when packing the container.
      • Prayers – God provides so including Orphanage Emmanuel, their staff, and their children in your daily prayers. God knows their needs so specifically asking him to fulfill the needs and to provide safety and comfort.
    • Upcoming trip(s) being considered:
      • If Honduras/Emmanuel opens for teams, June 17 – June 24, 2022 (Friday – Friday)
      • 2023 – similar week
    • Contact Morgan Worch  to become involved
    • Website
Project 82 Kenya

Rev. Dr. Brandon Dasinger, Executive Director

  • Ministry Need/Prayer Request: Expanding our impact through our “Let’s Raise a Child” ministry. The purpose of the ministry is to walk with vulnerable pregnant women in order to empower them and help them become sustainable. Working with hospitals and other agencies, we will identify vulnerable pregnant women within the community, assess immediate needs, and create a personal empowerment plan, which includes maternal health care, education, economic opportunity, and community support. Our goal is to hopefully reduce the abandonment of babies through empowering families. 
SafeHouse Outreach

Chuck Wilbanks, Volunteers & Mission Teams Coordinator

Drew Benton, Operations Director

  • Current Ministry Needs:
    • We are always in need of hygiene items, socks, and underwear for our clients.
Servants in Faith & Technology

Tom Corson, Executive Director Director

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • We are praying for groups to return to participate in our campus programming, which was severely impacted by the pandemic. We also are looking to fill two positions, so we are praying to find the right people to join our staff.
    • We are praying for our mission team leaders as they face obstacles building their teams. We have communities in Bolivia and Ecuador counting on our teams to return to help their projects, but most of our teams have been forced to cancel because they cannot recruit enough team members. For those able to travel, we are praying for health and safety of our team members and the communities in which they will be serving.
    • Our Central American Training Center in Costa Rica was acquired during the pandemic, and we are praying that renovations can be completed, so that we can successfully host more training events in 2022 and beyond.
  • Volunteer opportunities:
    • Campus Work Teams/Projects – Our campus welcomes individuals and groups of any age and skill level to come to our campus in Alabama to help with specific projects and/or maintenance. This can be included as part of a programmed retreat, for a few hours or for a few days. (contact Josiah Corson)
    • International Mission Teams – SIFAT takes teams to Bolivia and Ecuador each year to serve alongside our graduates. Individuals can be added to 2022 teams to Ecuador. (learn more here or email here)
    • Campus Interns – Our Learn & Serve staff have developed an internship curriculum for college graduates wanting to take a gap year and incorporates all three of our areas of ministry: community development training, international missions and our campus programs. (learn more here or email here)
  • Upcoming trip(s) being considered for Mt. Bethel
    • Mt. Bethel Men’s Mission Team to Quesimpuco, Bolivia in August.
    • Youth trip to participate in a Learn & Serve retreat (in initial planning phase now)
  • Contact email address 
  • Website
The HOPE Center

Cindy O’Leary, Executive Director

Laura Haigler, Community Engagement Director

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests – Pray for effective client marketing to reach and serve abortion-vulnerable women – equipping them to choose life, pray for the expansion of our services, both geographically and though additional services to help families thrive in the love of Christ. Pray for the Lord’s provision of additional medical personal, nurses and trained sonographers – revealing life to save lives.
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Client Advocate – Provide decision-making support for women and their support person(s) who are facing an unexpected pregnancy, sharing Jesus, providing ongoing support for expectant families throughout pregnancy and until the child’s second birthday
    • Greeter – answer phones and serve as front-line greeters in The HOPE Center and Options Medical Clinic
    • Administrative support – data entry and other administrative “behind the scenes” support
    • Seeds Thrift Boutique – varied roles including donations processing and/or serving clients and customers
    • Men of Hope – varied roles from “handyman” to client advocate role with expectant fathers
  • Contact to volunteerMaria Douglas, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Website 
The Table on Delk

Tina Williford, Co-Founder and Director

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests:
    • Continued wisdom regarding oversight of The 3:20 aftercare home, and for the relationships between the ladies there.
    • God’s favor on our Psalm 34:8 sack lunch outreach and for a location to do it during inclement weather. Last Thursday, we were asked to leave the place where we have been doing it on Motel 6 property.
    • God’s continued protection and favor over all of The Table’s ministries.
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Prepare sack lunches for Psalm 34:8 sack lunch outreach. Sign up here.
    • Serve as a Laundry Helper providing on-site support fellowshipping with the women and children, and handing out quarters and supplies. All money and supplies provided by The Table, not the volunteer. Sign up here.
    • Prepare home cooked(ish) food and desserts for our guests to eat. Opportunities available five days a week; sign up here.
  • Contact Jan Gay to volunteer 
  • Website
Wellspring Living

Amanda Phillips, Development Manager

  • Current ministry needs/specific prayer requests: 
    • Please pray over our staff and participants who continue to struggle with COVID. Pray for quick recovery of those sick and no new cases within our programs.
    • Please pray for the new session for the Women’s Academy. Pray for the women to be successful in completing all 10 weeks of the session.
    • Please pray for the upcoming Spring Supper in Lawrenceville. Pray for great attendance and generosity.
    • As with many companies, we have quite a few open positions. Please pray God will bring committed faith-filled professionals to join the team.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: 
    • Participant Volunteers: Direct Participant Volunteers serve through interactive activities with the participants such as preparing meals, teaching Life Skills courses, tutoring, and celebrations.
    • Retail Stores: Retail Volunteers serve in general operations in one of our upscale resale stores. Profits from our retail stores generate significant funds which hugely impacts our ability to care for our youth and women.
    • Group Serve Days: Serve Days are for groups who want to come together for hands on projects. From lawn care to donation drives your group’s time and energy goes a long way in supporting our programs
    • Box Buddies: Families and friends can fulfill tangible needs of participants by assembling boxes that provide much-needed support for daily living and a boost of encouragement on special days like birthdays.