Project Mail Call

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Contact: Ed & Mary Ettel (Founders, Mt. Bethel members) – See our Facebook page, or contact Ed Ettel for more information.
Location: Ettel home in Marietta
Meeting dates: Monthly for individual and family volunteers (Other organizations as requested)

To mail care packages and show love and support to soldiers serving overseas as well as help soldiers support citizens in war-torn areas.

The mission enables a direct and personal method to contact and send care boxes and letters to U.S. military serving in harm’s way. At regularly-scheduled packing sessions in Mary and Ed Ettel’s basement, volunteers pack boxes for military units based on the military units’ unique needs and requests. Particular attention is given to military units who are in remote locations, do not receive mail, or who provide humanitarian aid to schools, hospitals, orphanages, or villages.

Service opportunities:

  • Write letters of support for military personnel serving overseas.
  • Shop for items the military personnel need and request (the mission has a standard list of commonly-requested items).
  • Come to the Ettel’s home for a care-box packing session.
  • Make a monetary contribution to help with mailing costs.
  • Pray for our military serving in harm’s way, their families at home, and our country.

Find out more at the Project Mail Call Blog, or check the bulletin board outside the Mt. Bethel Fellowship Hall.