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Anita Colley
Libby Coppedge (Mt. Bethel Advocate)


Project 82 Kenya is a Christian 501c3 focused on orphan ministry in Kenya.  Psalm 82:3. Defend the weak and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy.”

In 2009, we were a group of ordinary people united by our common heart for orphans in Kenya. Together, we’d experienced firsthand the abject poverty and lack of family stability that plagues so many children of Kenya, and we could not turn away. After witnessing the stunningly beautiful souls and the amazing promise that lives inside each child, we knew we were called to act, and Project 82 was born.

Mission Statement:

Project 82 Kenya exists in response to God’s call to love and care for orphans in Kenya by developing sustainable solutions which empower local leadership to disciple, feed, cloth, and educate the orphans in their community.


Project 82 exists in response to God’s call to protect, love, and care for the weak and vulnerable by connecting giving hearts to those in need.

How You Can Help:

  • Child Sponsorship:  Project 82 offers sponsorship of children in communities that have been deemed most vulnerable.  Currently approximately 160 children in Molo, Kenya have sponsors, many from Mt. Bethel. To sponsor a child, visit Project 82′s website.
  • Over 300 infants and children are abandoned every day in Kenya. Project 82 Kenya serves these young children through our Infant Rescue Home, Neema House.  Donate to Neema House.
  • Serve on a short-term or medical mission trip to Kenya with Project 82.