Matt Williams

Organization: Campus Outreach
Email: Matt Williams

2020 Year-In-Review:

Despite all of the changes in the world, 2020 was still a fruitful year of ministry for me and Campus Outreach at Georgia Tech. Once students were asked not to return to campus after spring break, we began having campus meetings and Bible studies over Zoom, which helped to set us up for a successful virtual summer project.

Since students’ internships and classes were either canceled or changed to remote learning/work, more students than ever before decided to participate in our summer leadership program over Zoom. We had over 40 students from Georgia Tech meet 3-4 times a week for six weeks. They constantly heard the Gospel, learned how to study the Bible and share their faith, met in small groups for accountability, and many students also had the opportunity to lead those small groups and have more in-depth leadership training.

The fall of 2020 allowed for us to begin safely meeting in person again with new restrictions in place. We met weekly over Zoom with our student leaders to establish and equip them in their faith, and with the help of some of these leaders, our staff was able to host freshmen leadership studies in four different fraternities on campus. This allowed us to begin forming Gospel-focused relationships with dozens of freshman guys and begin investing spiritually in their lives.

In addition to this, I began a Bible study in a fraternity in which 5-8 guys consistently came. Out of those guys, there are three I see as especially hungry and eager to learn how to lead others. I also continued to disciple six other guys for the third year now. It’s incredible to witness their faith journey and see how God is constantly working in them. They are growing in humility, desire to fight sin, and discipline to seek God daily.

In summary, COVID restricted our ability to do larger gatherings and events, but we continued to do the work of evangelism and discipleship with individuals and small groups. The Lord even blessed us to meet new students, including a student from Mt. Bethel. This was a joy to meet him and have the opportunity to continue building on top of the foundation in Christ which Mt. Bethel had already begun.

Looking Forward to 2021:

I feel so blessed by the Lord allowing us to invest in so many hungry students in 2020, and I look forward to helping those students to grow even deeper in their faith. I’m especially looking forward to investing in three guys who have the potential to do so much for the Kingdom of God in their fraternity. They want to be all-in following Christ, and I hope to help them show others the joy of also going “all-in” for God.

It will be sad to graduate five of the guys I currently disciple, but I can’t wait to see how God uses them in their next stage of life. We feel like our ministry is in a great place right now, and I know the Lord will use our investments to raise up new student leaders to continue having an impact on the Kingdom at Georgia Tech.

Prayer Requests:

  • For our students – to grow in hunger for the Lord and desire to follow Him wholeheartedly
  • For our ministry – for ten students to join our in-person, summer leadership project in late May
  • For me – I’m getting married on May 22 and would love prayer for my future marriage to Laurie (who’s also on staff with me in ministry) especially as we discern God’s calling for us to potentially move to Athens next year to help start a Campus Outreach ministry at UGA