Handy Helpers

From our Hearts…With our Hands
“…Take care of my sheep”
John 21:1

Mt. Bethel Advocate:
Wayne Sturgis

Mission Statement:
The Mt. Bethel Handy Helpers is an outreach ministry whose mission is to provide the labor required to perform home repair and maintenance jobs for those in need in our church community (both members and non-members.)

The Handy Helpers serve the community of Mt. Bethel and affiliated agencies by providing  repair and maintenance expertise and manpower. Through our Christian service, we seek to enrich our spiritual growth and to provide an example of Christian fellowship that will move all people to serve likewise by joining us or others.

We welcome anyone who would like to provide home repair and maintenance assistance in our community to help those in need. We need people with many different skills.

Work Requests:
Our group can help with a wide variety of projects. If you need some help with a home maintenance or repair job, please email Jamie Allen with your request.