Estonia Church

Contact: Pastor Sergei Sutshkov,
[email protected]

Mt. Bethel UMC was the first church to support Wes and Joy Griffin when they became full-time missionaries in 1992. Their first mission was to plant and develop The Baltic Methodist Seminary, which Mt. Bethel supported from 1993 to 1998.
Pastor Sergei Sutshkov was one of the first graduates of the seminary and he
and wife, Galina, founded the Kohtla-Jarve UMC in Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia in 1995.

To carry out normal church functions such as worship services, Bible studies, children’s ministry, youth ministry, social work with the poor, weddings and funerals.

Service opportunities:

  • Prayer for the Church Ministries.
  • Join a mission team to Kohtla-Jarve for community outreach, building maintenance, children’s camp, or VBS.
  • Donate for church support to cover maintenance, utilities, etc.
  • Donate for other needs such as a church secretary.