Missio Int’l: Deborah House Romania

Contact: Mike & Darlene McKeithen,
[email protected],
US Deborah House Romania, PO Box 725432,
Atlanta, GA 31139

Deborah House Center is a Christian ministry providing residential care and intervention programs for severely abused girls. Deborah House gives these girls a chance to become emotionally and physically healed–a chance to reclaim their lives. The first Deborah House opened in 2002. There are now two Deborah Houses each with Christian husband/wife house parents and one full-time Christian social worker and a part-time Christian psychiatrist to provide intervention programs.

The vision is to construct three additional homes on the Deborah House Center
ten-acre tract on the edge of the Village of Giarmata. As the Deborah girls graduate from high school and begin to integrate into Romanian society, there is “Aspirations,” a transitional program to assist these girls to become independent
and productive adults.


  • Safe family environment.
  • Education/technical training and social skills development.
  • Post-traumatic intervention programs.
  • Health & psychological counseling.
  • Spiritual development.

Service opportunities:

  • Take a mission trip.
  • Partner with Deborah House.
  • Pray for the continuing recovery of the Deborah girls rescued from abuse.
  • Pray for the Christian staff.
  • Help find individuals, churches and organizations to partner with Deborah House.
  • Provide resource and financial support through Missio International (formerly called USAffairs)