BrightPoint for Children

A Brighter Life…One Child at a Time

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Steve Smith (Director), [email protected]
Justin and Dianne Brasuell (Mt. Bethel advocates), [email protected]

BrightPoint for Children is a Christ-centered, child sponsorship organization through which sponsors can provide for the basic needs and education of impoverished children wherever they may live. Over 70 Mt. Bethel members participate in the BrightPoint program. BrightPoint continues to grow, currently serving children in Africa, South Asia, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

Our BrightPoint Child Sponsorship Program addresses the most significant barriers to a child receiving their education. We customize every program to meet the specific needs of groups of children. Our sponsorships help impoverished children:

  • Receive needed food, clothing, shelter, health care and adult care.
  • Attend school and receive a quality education.
  • Graduate with a secondary school education.

Contact Steve to be included on her email list to assist with various local volunteer opportunities.