Bolivia, South America

Leaders: Britt Carter, Bert Blanchard
Date: Virtual Experience TBD
Group: Men Only
Cost: $2,400 USD
Travel Notes: High altitude

Where are we going?
Quesimpuco, a remote village of approximately 100 families high in the Andes mountains of Bolivia, located about halfway between Sucre and Cochabamba.

Why Quesimpuco?
When a village leader, Benjo Paredes, who was saved by missionaries in the Bolivian jungle, returned to his home village in the mountains, he found great suffering due to famine, lack of health care and no knowledge of Christ. He asked his missionary friends (the Corson family who founded SIFAT) to help his people. This mountain-side outpost is now a beacon for Christianity in an otherwise unchurched valley of over 10,000 Quechua natives, descendants of the Incas. The average income is $97 per year. Before the Gospel was shared, this valley still worshipped the ancient Incan gods.

Why is Mt. Bethel going?
In 2008, SIFAT asked Carey Akin to send a team to support a large project to build a footbridge over a dangerous river. This was unlike any mission trip we had supported previously. It is very encouraging to see our somewhat small amount of time and money we bring there have a large impact on the quality of life of the local villagers. Our compassion for these hard-working Christians has allowed us to return each year to support other needs and strengthen our relationship.

Why should you go?
We need men who love to serve others. This unique trip frees you to “unplug” from the busy American life and see the majesty of God in tall mountains, clear starry skies, and the smiles of people who once were lost. Father and son teams are especially encouraged. The small group working together creates a special bond where fellowship and genuine openness is fostered. We need a team of varied skills and ages; everyone has something to contribute! 45 men from Mt. Bethel have been transformed by this trip.

What is required?
• Time spent preparing in meetings every 3-4 weeks leading up to the trip.
• Funds, $2400 each total, with support available from the Church and other sources.
• Medical clearance from your doctor to participate in the high altitude and mountain conditions.
• Some shots are recommended; check with the Cobb county international travel clinic for updates.
• A current passport with an expiration date of 6 months past the trip return date or later.
• A desire to serve and love others.