Mission Trip Journal: Costa Rica Women 2015

January 21, 2015
By Carrie Pruitt


Monday, January 19

The team arrived in beautiful Costa Rica late Sunday night. This year’s team consist of 5 wonderful ladies, Laura Weaver, Sherry Reed, Kathryn Romano, our fearless leader, Debbie Cooper and myself. Sunday night we meet with the President of the Federation Femenina Methodist de Costa Rica, Zulay,at the Methodist Center in Alajuela. We went over the plans for the conference got to work and then straight to bed!

On Monday over 200 women from all over Costa Rica joined us at the Methodist Center. These women are leaders in their churches and very eager to learn more about God! Zulay is an amazing presence in Costa Rica and was re-elected President of the Fedration at the meeting on Monday. God is doing some amazing things in Costa Rica and it is a blessing to be a part of it. We have seen old friends and meet new friends.

The team has been leading the women in devotion and having a little fun with them too! Kathryn taught all 200 women how to crochet and make purses with pop tops (thank you for your donations).

I think it’s time for more rice and beans……

Until tomorrow….
God Bless You,
Carrie Pruitt

image1Tuesday, January 20

The sun is up the flowers are blooming. What does that mean in Costa Rica? It’s time to get Loco for Jesus!!!!! There are things that happen on a Costa Rican mission trip that must remain on Costa Rican mission trips…….let’s just say “I’m a little Tea Pot” is lame compared to some of the stuff they make the Americanos do!!

We have been truly blessed at worship! Not only is the signing beautiful and energetic but the speakers are amazing. We have all made a new friend in the Keynote speaker, Julie Tennent. Her husband is the President at Asbury in Kentucky. They have put the Psalms back into song. Julie has taught is all how to use them in our daily lives to not only praise God but to also fight off spiritual warfare. It has truly been a blessing to us all.

One of the biggest things we do while in Costa Rica is crafts. Kathryn discovered a wonderful craft and taught over 200 women how to crochet, including me. We crocheted pop tops together to make purses. Some women caught right on and can take this back to their village to teach others.

Costa Rica has been an incredible blessing to everyone. We have learned a lot about Psalms, seen women dedicate their lives to The Lord and seen other leave behind demons and sin.

We leave tomorrow and have made some amazing connections. I think we will all leave with a little bit of Costa Rica in our hearts.

Time to get Loco!
Carrie Pruitt