College/Young Adults

Who is this ministry for? Young Adult Ministry is for all 18- to 30-year-olds. We exist to encourage one another to live lives that reflect Jesus Christ.

Check our Facebook group for updates as we post opportunities for the week each Monday.

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The Garden

Specific Fridays each month, we go to The Garden to share music and a message. The Garden is part of 7 Bridges to Recovery and offers a home to 125 women and children. It is a wonderful blessing to spend the evening with our sisters. We begin at 6:30pm. Please contact Gaylyn for dates and directions.


PURSUIT is a college and young adult gathering that includes worship and a message. It is an opportunity throughout the summer to come together with your peers to celebrate, praise, and learn more about Jesus. We meet every Thursday at 7pm in the summer. More information is available here »

Summer Internships

Mt. Bethel offers paid summer internships working with children’s, student, and college/young adult ministries. To learn more about the expectations for these internships, contact Gaylyn. To apply for one of our summer internship positions, first read this letter from our Director of Interns. You can apply online here, or print and complete the application which is available here »

College and Young Adult Ministry Staff