Student Life Groups

Grade 6 Life Group Registration

Grade 7 Life Group Registration

Grade 8 Life Group Registration

Grades 9-12 Life Group Registration (pending)

Life Groups are the cornerstone of Student Ministries’ discipleship program. You will be placed with a group of same-grade, same-gender students and two leaders, and you’ll do life together! Life Groups are the best place for you to receive encouragement in your faith, make close friends at church, and meet adults who can lead you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

Mt. Bethel Student Ministries desires to lead students to encounter Jesus Christ and respond with their lives. The most practical, day-to-day way that you can encounter Jesus and learn to respond is through the discipleship that you will receive in a Life Group.

Middle School life groups are offered at both 9:30 and 11:00am on Sundays in the Upper Room or Upper B area. High School life groups will meet at various times determined by group.

If you have questions about Life Groups, please contact Patricia Clark (High School groups) or Zack Stubblefield (Middle School groups).