Spiritual Direction

Families of those with special needs have the following unique spiritual needs:

  • The understanding and acceptance of their religious and faith community as they contend with the unique and lifelong needs of their family member.
  • The open hearts of their faith community in developing opportunities for their families and in involving them as such into the life of the church.

Persons with disabilities need:

  • An understanding of God’s plan for each person on earth and how their ”special needs” are a sign of their unique role.
  • Compassion, support, and openness from their fellow believers in experiencing a sense of oneness, community, and fellowship within their faith community.

Mt. Bethel also offers family support for those who are caregivers of special needs family members. Programs and speakers on the following topics are provided: coping skills for dealing with a diagnosed disability; advocacy skills to empower the families to become equal partners with the religious, medical, educational, therapeutic, psychological and social service professionals involved in the caregiving realm; and caregiver support and networking for and among other families who share similar experiences and situations.

The impact of this ministry as an outreach to the congregation and community has been seen in the rising number of families who are able to become actively involved in worship and other church and community opportunities as their special needs family member is provided with competent care within a place of love and security.