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MusicandArtsAt Mt. Bethel, we worship with our voices, our instruments, our hearts, and with our lives. Offering stylistic genres to suit everyone, our worship fills the church, bringing honor to Jesus Christ and drawing us closer in relationship with Him and one another!

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I Will Trust Him

The Psalms express the full range of human emotion. They are raw and real. David, the writer of most (but not all) of the Psalms, was a shepherd, soldier, King, husband, father, brother, and son. Like all of us, he experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. He was…

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Reach Beyond Yourself

My husband and I recently watched the replay of the 2018 Rose Bowl football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Oklahoma Sooners. The winner went on to the National Championship game. Of course, the results of the Championship are history, but there was something that happened in the Rose…

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Voice of Truth Summer Choir Tour

Go tell his disciples and Peter. Mark 16:7. Go tell his disciples, and Peter! Jesus calls Peter by name even though Peter had denied Him three times. That is the purest example of God’s grace. Go tell his disciples, and Peyton. Go tell his disciples, and Charlie. Go tell his…

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From Worrier to Warrior

Is your name Worrier? For many people, worry isn’t just something they do–it’s who they are. Worry has become a part of their personality. It is knit into their very being. There are a million reasons to worry. Sometimes it feels like the world is out of control. We can…

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