Meet Our Mess

August 16, 2017
By Nicole Taylor, Director of Women's Ministry

When we first heard that the North Campus was having “Messy Church” we were all in.  Who can resist smiling as you think about silly string, water balloons, slip n’ slides, and water slides? Our next thought was, “who can we invite?” “Messy church” just seemed so welcoming that we had to invite others. So this past Sunday we brought a couple cars full of children from our neighborhood and took in all the fun together! I have loved looking back through all the pictures. The pure joy on each child’s face at being covered in shaving cream or bouncing down the water slide is amazing. However, it was one of the most simple pictures that caught my eye. Written in chalk on the long drive leading to the messy field was the sentence “Meet our mess!”  

“Meet our mess!” When was the last time you openly shared your mess with someone? The thought itself might make you cringe. We’re much more likely to hide our mess than we are to share it. We think we are the only ones with the mess, or we just feel that our mess may be too big or too crazy to share.   

But it was the very word “mess” that had brought us to this event. The mess was what made this evening feel so inviting. I didn’t have to hide or cover anything up. I was able to come as myself. While at messy church, everyone was in the same boat. We all had the same chance of being hit by a stray water balloon or being hugged by a child who was covered in shaving cream.

You see, it’s often our messes that help us connect with other people. Some of the best pictures of the day are the kids holding hands running through the sprinklers or the adults spraying the kids with shaving cream. In our everyday life, it’s our mess that often allows us to connect with others. There is someone else who can relate to the anxiety you are struggling with on a daily basis. There is someone who can understand that pain you are feeling as you are walk through a divorce. There is also someone who can understand the questions and confusion that you may feel in trusting God wholly with your life. Whatever the “mess,” you are not alone. It is likely that when you share, you will find someone who can empathize with your struggle.        

Ultimately, when we acknowledge our mess, it is then that we are able to acknowledge our need for God. He’s not afraid of the mess at all. It’s why he sent Jesus. He knew we needed rescuing. Psalm 40:17 (The Message) says, “And me? I’m a mess. I’m nothing and have nothing: make something of me. You can do it; you’ve got what it takes – but God, don’t put it off.”  

It was a loving parent with a hose who cleaned off all of the shaving cream and silly string at messy church. It’s God in His loving kindness who welcomes us into His embrace. It’s God who cleans up the mess in our souls and makes something beautiful out of us!

Is there something you have been holding on to? What mess in your life are you ready to turn over to God? Do you have a mess that God has cleaned up that you could share with others?

Nicole Taylor, Director of Women’s Ministry

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