Meet the New Director of Children’s Music: Jasper McAlpine

June 8, 2017
By Communications

Hello Parents! My name is Jasper McAlpine, and I’m the new Director of Children’s Music. I’m extremely excited to kick off the new school year with the children! I have a background in music education and have worked over the past decade mentoring children through the arts. 
Our goal is to ignite a passion in your child with the word of God through the art of music. There are so many benefits of teaching a child about their faith through music. This is not only a music program — it’s a mentorship program that will enhance their social skills, ability to focus, self esteem, team building skills, musical skills and more. We will also implement games and fun activities in rehearsals. As we progress, you can look forward to Sunday Morning Worship and fellowship nights along with other fun outreach activities to keep the kids engaged and excited about the children’s choir. 
 We want to instill in our youth the importance of being a light and having a passion that burns for Christ. Let’s work together as we raise up your child to truly embrace the love of Christ, become disciples, and witness to others to win more souls to the kingdom. 
I am so excited to go on this journey with your children. This is going to be an amazing year!
Jasper McAlpine
Director of Children’s Music