M25 Mission Camp

Mission trips that equip students to change days and transform communities in Atlanta, GA.

Registration is Now Closed

Please note registration for M25 camp has been closed for the 2019 season.

Matthew 25:40

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

M25 loves and serves others
through creative relational ministry

Chess Tournaments
Karaoke Nights
Spa Days
Ice Cream Socials

We have a lot of fun and equip students
to transform their own communities

Training Modules
Q&A Discussions at Shelters
Relevant Nightly Worship Services
Missions Focused Daily Devotions
Hands On Learning

Serve God by Serving Others

M25 is a mission program designed to bring students together to serve God by serving others. At the core of M25 is realizing that service is not about pity or obligation. It's about compassion, love, and pursuing Jesus.

We invite you to join us as we go to the streets of downtown Atlanta and become servants. Sometimes going out into all the world means helping those in our own backyard, and with M25, your group will have the incredible opportunity to help some of 20,000 homeless people in Atlanta. Not only will students be able to witness needs, but they will also get to fill them.

M25 focuses less on manual labor and more on relational ministry as students get a rare chance to meet, to know, and to minister to people from a different side of life. They will bring hope to the hopeless and be able to walk as Jesus did as they seek out the least of these.


"M25 gave us the opportunity not just to give something to a cause, but to be in the midst of the lives of those in need. To see, to feel, to care, to love."




M25 Camp

Summer Internship Application

For the Summer paid internship, we are searching for staff members who love Jesus, have been out of high school at least one year, are highly motivated, love students, have a passion to pursue God, and desire to serve the homeless and marginalized.

This internship WILL NOT be easy. You will work long hours and be required to make a number of sacrifices. For nine weeks, a church will be your home, and you will be forced to lean on Jesus every single day. Don’t apply if you’re not ready for the challenge. This internship requires you to be all in. With great sacrifice comes great reward.