Leading by Serving

October 11, 2019
By Abby Evans

I went through all the programs. I remember “Pod,” the Sunday morning kids programming. It actually used to be up here in the Upper Room. I got to the point where I knew that I was going to be here all the time. My mom was always here to lead kids choir or VBS or something else. I knew I would be with her, so I just decided I might as well do something with my time. First, it was participating, in Pod or choir or whatever else was going on. Now, it’s a lot of volunteering, just like my mom.

Originally, I started volunteering with “Pod” because I knew it and enjoyed coming so much. After I volunteered there for a while, Mr. Scott and Miss Janice asked if could start working with the two-year-olds. I loved that – they were so adorable. This year, I’m actually working with the Media Team during the 9:30 service, and then I lead a three-year-old class and Station 34. My station is the “Train Station.”

All the kids are so cute in my class. We usually have a lot of repeats; the same kids come every week. It’s just fun getting to hang out with them. They learn your name, and they notice if you’re not there. If I miss a week, they’ll say, “Miss Abby, where were you last week?”

When I was participating in “Pod,” the teens who served were such a big influence on me. I would sit with them every week and watch them do the motions in worship. They were the reason I was excited about going to church every single week. When I started serving, I really modeled my behavior after them. I’m hoping to be an influence on someone else like those volunteers were to me.