Keeping a Positive Outlook

May 20, 2019
By Susan McCauley

I never stopped believing in God—I just didn’t go to church. I had not gone to church for 38 years — since high school. But in 2007, I went through a hard time and God got me through it. That’s the only explanation there is, and I thought, God got you through this, so what are you going to do now?

I decided that I had to face it and come back to church. So I started telling people I was going to go back to church. I didn’t know I was missing it until I came back. It completely transformed my life in so many ways. That was why I stayed. How could I not? I felt so happy all the time. I didn’t worry about anything anymore because I was filled with hope and joy. I didn’t realize I hadn’t been before that until it came back. The people made the difference. They made me feel welcome and I encountered a lot of new activities and people.

At first I thought, this is great. It’s a giant church, no one will know I’m here. I can sneak in and no one will notice, and I won’t have to get involved. But the next thing I knew, I was doing everything. I became a greeter about two years ago. It spoke to me because it seemed easy. All I have to do is say good morning and smile at people—and I love to smile at people. It’s my favorite thing to do! The church had given me so much that I wanted to give back. And I liked doing it so much that now I do it for both services. It’s great to see everybody and see the children. Some of them are shy, but so many will say good morning back. It’s not even work; it’s just my favorite thing to do because it’s fun.

The church is always growing and changing. Young people are coming in and we need them! I’m almost 70, but a lot of people my age and older are critical of change. I don’t understand that. Life is change. If there’s a change, don’t complain about the possible bad side. I don’t understand people who choose to look at the downside. You have to be positive and look for the good. That’s my outlook on life.