Hurricane Disaster Relief

September 11, 2017
By Communications

Thank you to all of you who have been praying, giving donations, and providing clean-up buckets for the victims of the hurricanes.

All of the events are going to have a very long term impact. Some estimate the recovery of Harvey and Irma may take years, and the hurricane season continues. To use the old cliche, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you have had storm damage and could use some help with clean up or minor repairs, please contact Kibbie Parish or Glenn Ray. We have members standing by to help.

Mt. Bethel is working on several different areas to help the broader community recover:

Prayer. Please pray for all of those that have been impacted by these storms.

Your gifts. Funding can be given by cash or check or by using the online giving link. We will direct the gifts to meet local needs and to the United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) for the other affected regions. 

Flood clean-up buckets.  We will collect flood buckets to help families clean up after the storm on Saturday, September 23. These buckets are deployed by UMCOR according to need. With this week’s devastation, there will be an ongoing and increased need for supplies.

Mt. Bethel Disaster Response Team. Mt. Bethel will be working to help folks locally impacted by the storms in Atlanta. We will also be building out teams to help in the relief efforts in other areas. Those relief teams will need to have at least a few members who have current UMCOR certification. If you attended the training at MacEachern UMC in 2015 or later, your certification may still be up-to-date. If you need to renew your certification or want to be a new addition to the team, there are two training sessions currently on the schedule:

  • The UMVIM Southeast Jurisdiction Academy, Asheboro, NC, September 26-29.
  • Roswell UMC on Saturday, October 14Space for this session is currently limited to 30 seats. You may enroll online at this link »

Lastly, we are looking into the option of holding a training session at Mt. Bethel in the future. We have no details on this yet. We will also be rebuilding the Mt. Bethel Disaster Response trailer and re-equipping this for future deployments.

The list of needs may expand in the future. For now, we are working with UMCOR and the direction they are setting.

Thank you for your help on this, and especially thank you for your prayers.