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Hunting for Eggs (and Reassurance)

April 20, 2017
By Tripp Stelts

It’s Saturday, April 15 at 8:30am, and my family is on the Field of Dreams hiding Easter Eggs. The night before we had stuffed approximately 2000+ eggs for the kids, and I don’t know which was more fun: stuffing eggs or hiding them on the field.

That morning was such a blessing, from watching my kids show so much energy in helping out the Children’s Ministry staff with hiding eggs, to greeting the families as they walked down to the field, to giving away Easter stickers and pointing out where the Easter Bunny was for pictures. We even had time between jobs to sit with the Bunny for a quick picture.

To me, the change of the seasons in springtime symbolizes new life. As trees start to show greenery, and flowers begin to bloom, it reminds me of Jesus and the resurrection and the true meaning of Christ. We all need reassurance at times, and the scripture in Mark 16 comes to mind. Peter, the rock who Christ had hand-chosen to build his church, had just denied Jesus three times in Chapter 14. In Chapter 16, on the third day after the Resurrection, the Angel tells Mary to “Go and give this message to my disciples including Peter.” The Lord knew Peter needed reassurance after denying Christ three times. I myself am like Peter and need reassurance from the Lord.

Every Easter holds special meaning as we reflect on God’s abundant love and grace, but Easter 2017 will be extra special as my family shared the joy of the season by serving.

Tripp Stelts

Tripp Stelts has been attending Mt Bethel since 1985. He and wife Kimberly joined the church in 2007. They live in East Cobb and have two children, Ava (10) and Maddox (6). Tripp enjoys coaching soccer for both his children on the Field of Dreams and serves on the Church Administration Board and Children’s Ministry council.