Holy Communion in Worship

March 20, 2020
By Communications

Set aside some type of bread and drink for your household. It really doesn’t matter what type of bread, what type of drink. Bread and wine were the common food of Jesus’ day and God used that to do extraordinary things in the life of the church. Use what you have, what is common and ordinary, and together we will confess and believe that through ordinary means God will do extraordinary work in our life as the church

From the very beginning of the church, the breaking of bread and the sharing of the cup was central to the formation and worship of Christian communities gathering together in homes of believers. It was the sharing of a meal, and the belief in Christ’s presence with them in this act, that connected the people within these tiny bands to each other and with the other gatherings all throughout the Roman Empire. These people were as diverse as our world today, but through faith in a common Lord, and participation in common practice the church was given a tangible point around which to connect.

This Sunday, we will be celebrating together in our homes across this community, and even across the world, the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The Spirit of God is not limited by distance or place, and though we may be physically separated, we have the opportunity to share in a common meal that binds us together with one another and with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, just like those first believers and so many believers around the world today.