Holes in our Holiness

July 3, 2019
By Susan Preece

This summer, I witnessed one of the greatest joys. A child checked into KidCity, and as he was walking to his group with his parents, he saw that his volunteer leader was the same person who led his crew for Vacation Bible School the week before. The boy gasped with excitement and said, “Mom! He was my VBS leader!” That was a joyful moment to witness his enthusiasm in knowing his leader and being encouraged for the worship ahead. Being known, loved, and accepted is beautiful and life changing.

YOU, too, can be part of this joyful experience while answering God’s tug to bring others to Him.

We have unfilled spots in our leadership grid for Sunday mornings. Those spots represent holiness because they relate to obedience, calling, and a servant heart. God calls each of us to serve Him, and it may be YOU that is being directed to share the love of Jesus with preschoolers or elementary-aged children.

How will they hear without a preacher? Actually, you don’t have to preach, you just have to love Jesus and lead activities related to the weekly lesson. We equip our leaders with a complete lesson plan and all resources. Each month, we have a new big idea with a scriptural memory verse. Every week is a new Bible lesson related to the big idea and a bottom line concrete message.

Our school year volunteers serve August through May. Some volunteers serve with a spouse or buddy, and some couples share a class and alternate weeks for full coverage. We have holes at both the 9:30 and 11am hours. If you would like to work with a specific child or age/grade, we will make that work. There is flexibility, while being obedient and opening yourself to a whole lot of JOY and GRACE!

During the summer, we seek parent volunteers, as well as adult Sunday school classes to fill these holes. Finding willing volunteers is a never-ending job. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to share your time, talents, and love for the Lord in MB Kids Ministry. We need greeters, logistical helpers, and mostly, small group leaders for preschool and elementary children.

Please contact Wendy Lake for details.