South Carolina Flood Relief

October 7, 2015
By Johnna Bain

Delivering WaterThank you, Mt. Bethel. Last week, two teams from Mt. Bethel delivered your donations of water and food to Columbia and Sumter, SC (read about the trip and see pictures). We delivered over ten tons of water and food! We were told we met the immediate water needs for the church in Columbia (although we still plan to make a delivery when we have enough to make a trip). Plans are being put together for sending teams to help with the digging out and repair. These efforts have to be coordinated with the appropriate agencies. If you are interested in being added to an email distribution for participation with the Disaster Recovery team, please send an email to [email protected].


See more pictures of the packing of your generous donations.

In Sumter, the local food pantries were severely depleted. Your food contributions helped keep them fed. This week we were also able to more fully leverage the financial donations.  We contacted the Atlanta Food Bank to see if we could acquire bulk food from them for delivery to Sumter. They directed us to Harvest Hope, the food bank in Columbia. Harvest Hope is the designated emergency food distribution for South Carolina. They allowed us to work through them to directly purchase food for Sumter. Your contributions have purchased over 4000 meals for the people of Sumter. The food is scheduled to arrive on the 15th or 16th. The text I received last evening said, they “…cannot thank us enough. What a blessing.” I replied back “God is good.” Their reply was, “All the time. Plus we have some new friends. PRICELESS.”

We ask that future donations be financial. This will allow us to continue to provide more food for the money, have it delivered to those in need faster than if we accept the food donations and truck it to South Carolina, and lastly, purchasing the food through the food bank in Columbia puts money back into the South Carolina economy. Your financial donations are helping twice.

Again, thank you Mt. Bethel! Bless you all.

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