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Help Your Kids Grow in Faith

October 6, 2016
By Andrew Gilmore

dig-inHave you ever tried to have a conversation with your kids on the way home from church? “What did you learn today?” In the past, you might have received a hodgepodge of answers. Not anymore. All of our children, ages two through fifth grade, are taught the same Bible passages in our Children’s Ministry programming.

Each week, the Bible lesson will be presented through reading, drama, pictures, coloring sheets, and more. The story and key Bible point will be learned through object lessons, crafts, music, and discussions. Students will love the many different ways to dig in and learn about Jesus.

This school year, we will be covering the entire life of Jesus, beginning with his birth. Don’t miss a week of the life of Jesus, but if you do, we have a way to catch up at home. We post our Family Take Home sheets every Monday in our Facebook Group. Our new curriculum is called Dig In and is designed to anchor kids in a lasting and transformative faith. Bible points will go deep, no matter how they learn best. “Jesus” will be the answer when you ask your children what they learned on Sunday!