“He Loves Me!”

June 26, 2017
By Kylie Bugbee

June 25, Guaimaca, Honduras: After just one day here at Orphanage Emmanuel, one thing is abundantly clear: this is a community built on love. The children do not attend school on Saturdays, so we have had a full day available to engage with them and explore the depth of this love. While walking the babies, Papi rolled up in his gator and passed out mini moonpies. The staff and volunteers made and decorated cupcakes for all the children who had birthdays in the month of June. Every moment, there were acts of love being performed.

Today our team was able to hand out a little of this love as well. An anonymous Mt. Bethel member had donated 75 brand new blankets to be distributed on this trip. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to give every child in the medium boys house a brand new fleece blanket. After a resounding “THANK YOU!” the boys rushed back to their rooms where we helped them remove the old thread-bare sheets and replace them with their new gifts. Once beds were made, the boys celebrated with soda for everyone, followed by building straw rockets.

One thing that has made a huge impression on me is the attitude of everyone here. So many of the volunteers tell stories of how they came for a summer of service and ended up staying indefinitely. God’s love here is so evident and inclusive that no one ever wants to leave. Sofia was exactly right when she pulled flower petals, saying, “He loves me! He loves me!” There is no end to God’s love and no such thing as “He loves me not.”

Kylie Bugbee is a Mt. Bethel member and recent Pope High School graduate. Read more of her Honduras updates here.