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God’s Girls Changed Us Both

April 26, 2017
By Karen Scott, Mt. Bethel member

Recently, our fifth grade parent/child life group, God’s Girls, had the chance to serve dinner at MUST.

Two years ago, we were complete complete strangers who God had a hand in placing together, and today we are a close group of moms and daughters who are sad that our weekly meetings are ending at the end of April. We have supported each other in good times and bad. We have seen the girls grow spiritually and learn that Jesus is their ABFF – Awesome Best Friend Forever.

It was fun for us to get to serve at MUST.  The moms were in the kitchen serving, and the girls were in the dining room helping to hand out drinks and dessert. The girls walked around, talked to the guests, and played with the young children. The girls also loved the chance they got to clean the trays after dinner.

Being in God’s Girls has been a life-changing experience for my daughter and me. If you have the chance to join one, do it!

Karen Scott, Mt. Bethel member and mother to Austin (16) and Natalie (10)