May 30, 2018
By Mary

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About “Ghost” Teaching Series

Have you ever sat around a campfire telling ghost stories? The whole point of a ghost story is to scare your listeners. We are raised to associate ghosts with feelings of fright and unease. But what if there was a ghost story that was meant to give you joy? This Sunday at Mt. Bethel, we will begin a four-week ghost story. But this one isn’t meant to frighten you. This will be a series all about the Holy Ghost, also called the Holy Spirit. Who is He? What does He do for the church? What does He do for us? Join us at one of our campuses and discover the greatest ghost story ever told.

Week Four – Gifts

What is the greatest gift you’ve ever received? What did you do after you received it–did you put it to use, or put in a closet and forget about it? Gifts are meant to be used. The Bible tells us The Holy Spirit offers gifts to followers of Jesus Christ. But what does that mean, and what are we supposed to do with these gifts? Join us this Sunday at one of our three campuses to discover how you can receive a great gift.

Week Three – Filled

Do you believe in magic? Many of us know the magician is just tricking us, but we want to believe there is more to it. But then when the unexplainable happens in the church, we are skeptical. When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, the unexplainable happened: they spoke in languages they did not know. How was that possible? What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Join us this Sunday and let’s talk about it.

Week Two – Power

Think back on the last time the power went out in your house. How did it make you feel? Frustrated? Scared? Lost? Almost everything we do today requires electricity–from cooking to watching TV. Without power, we can’t accomplish much. The same is true for those who call Jesus Lord. To live the Christian life requires the power of the Holy Spirit. But how do we tap into that power? And what does that power do for us? Join us this week at one of our campuses and discover the power of the Holy Spirit.

Week One – Presence

Is there someone in your life you enjoy being around? A spouse? A friend? A relative? What makes being in their presence a positive experience? This week at Mt. Bethel we will be talking about being in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that it would be good for us for Him to leave and the Holy Spirit to come. Why? What does it mean for our lives to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit? Join us this Sunday at one of our campuses to learn about the presence of the Holy Spirit.