Fulfilling God’s Vision

June 25, 2021
By Carey Akin

Dear Mt. Bethel Friends,

After over 17 years at Mt. Bethel, with almost 14 of those being in missions, God is leading me to fulfill a vision he gave me a number of years ago. Quite a few of my friends in the Mt. Bethel community have been asking exactly why I am leaving and what I am going to be doing, so I wanted to write a brief note to share a couple of things with you.

First, and most importantly, thank you!!! Mt. Bethel has welcomed me with open arms from the very first day and has supported me and encouraged me all along the way; you all mean the world to me!

Second, as to why I am leaving, it is simply in answer to God’s clear call to work full-time helping Christian leaders around the world who serve in challenging settings. My call is to provide support and encouragement I know God wants all of His children to have.

Lastly, as I mentor leaders and equip them to mentor other leaders, I would love to stay in touch. If you want to be part of my prayer network in praying for this new ministry, Global Servant Leaders Inc., then just send me your email address to [email protected], and I will be happy to add you to the list and keep you updated on what is going on and how you can be praying!

The website is www.globalservantleaders.org. Since I don’t officially start until July 1, there is still a lot to be done, and the website isn’t up and running yet. For now, it is linked to the Global Servant Leaders Facebook page where I will put pics, plans, and projects we are working on as we get started. You can click the “Follow” button on the page to get news of what we’re doing.

I am truly excited about the journey God is leading me on, but I am going to sincerely miss seeing so many of you on a regular basis. I covet your prayers as the vision God first showed me in 2007 is finally underway. I hope and pray I will still stay connected to many of you, my extended family at Mt. Bethel, whatever the future holds.

In Christ’s Love,