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Five-year-old Sets World Record in HRR!

October 8, 2014
By Ashley O'Neil, Mt. Bethel's Habitat Advocate

IMG_0167In the midst of the busy week leading up to the Habitat Road Race, I had the opportunity to talk with Allyson Reed and to learn about her family of nine with one on the way. I knew right away that we would be friends because Allyson was the sweetest person; she could be friends with anyone in a heartbeat.

The Reeds live in Crawfordville, GA (it’s a very small town; I had never heard of it either) and have taken up running as a family hobby because all other activities are too expensive. They ran in a race in Greensboro where their daughter, Lauren, almost set a Georgia record in her age group. Additionally, their son, James, almost set a world record for his age group. So they drove to Marietta to run in the Habitat Road Race and to try to set these awesome records. (The USATF certification of our course is whatIMG_9799makes this possible.)

Hannah, Lauren, James, and Timmy all participated on race morning. Dad ran with Lauren, and James took off ahead of everyone. Mom (Allyson) and the three babies stood at the finish line waiting for James and Lauren to come running in. Lauren and Dad came in at 22:19. An absolutely amazing time for a nine-year-old, but it didn’t beat the record. She has a few months before she turns ten, so she will definitely try again! I can’t even imagine how excited Mom and the kids must have been to see James running in at the 26:16 mark (the world record for a five-year-old was 26:43)! In less than 30 minutes, the whole family was gathered together again in the gym ready for the awards ceremony.

IMG_0091All five race participants, including Dad, earned a medal for their times in their respective age and gender brackets. While this was a tremendous achievement, no one bragged, picked on each other, or made a scene about the feat. In my opinion, the best part of this family was not their skill or speed, but their humility, kindness, and outward love for the Lord. I am so thankful to have met them, and I can’t wait for them to come back next year as a family of ten!

Let’s all pray that the weather and the turnout are just as spectacular in 2015! Until then, happy training!IMG_9446

Ashley O’Neil

Mt. Bethel’s Habitat Advocate

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