Countdown to Crossover

May 8, 2017
By Dana Evans, Mt. Bethel Member

On the last Sunday in April, 5th Graders were invited to join the Children’s Ministry and Student Ministries Staff at a LONG-AWAITED event – the Crossover! After being in the Preschool and Children’s Ministry for so many years, it was an exciting time. Students and parents gathered in the Cove, ate pizza, played games, and lounged on Xorbies. With full bellies and lots of laughter, students moved across the hall to the Upper Room for worship and a short message by the Student Ministries staff. At the end of the message, students literally CROSSED over from Children’s Ministry to the Student Ministry.

This was a HUGELY anticipated surprise! What would they be required to walk through? Abby, my oldest, crossed over slime several years ago. Sam, my 6th-grader, crossed over oatmeal. Zach and Hannah have been abuzz with discussion about what disgusting thing they’ll get to cross over on their way to Middle School! Drum roll…. Blue Jello and Gummy worms! Student Ministries and Childrens’ Ministry Staff worked together to help the students across while the students slipped and slid through the tubs of Jello. At the end, the Student Ministries leadership team helped the new students clean off their feet.

While students left to play games, the Student Ministries staff spent time with the parents, talking about the transition – what events are available, how things work, etc. It’s not only a time of transition for the kids, but also for the adults!
By the end of 5th grade, kids are usually “done” with children’s ministry. They’re looking ahead – wanting to be one of the “big kids.” This event is a great way to celebrate this transition in their lives. This morning, Zach and Hannah, along with all the other 5th graders met together for a special Sunday School that’s more like the Middle School Sunday School format. This is a great way for them to get to know the MBSM staff and get ready for Middle School Sunday School.

Students, parents, and MBUMC staff all came together to celebrate this transition in our children’s lives. The Children’s Ministry has walked hand-in-hand with parents and has nurtured our children from babies through the pre-teen years. It’s a great way to CROSS OVER to Middle School!

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Middle School or High School Student Ministries, go here.

Dana Evans is Mom to Abby (14), Sam (12), Zach (11), and Hannah (11). She can be found Sunday mornings hanging out in Middle School Sunday School, or Sunday night with her Middle School Life Group.