Confirmation 2021

Middle and High School (Grades 7-12) | Sunday Afternoons

Your student is at the age where he or she is able to personalize their faith for the first time. He’s looking around and seeing a crazy world and wondering what God has to say or do about the disease, violence, and injustice that he sees. She’s seeing people stand up for their beliefs and she’s questioning what she actually believes. Friends and social media are becoming huge influences on what your student does and believes.

We know that you want your student to have a great foundation of faith in Jesus, and we want that, too. While there are lots of influences out there, the greatest spiritual influence in your student’s life is you, their parents. Confirmation is a journey for students (7th grade and older) to help them build a foundation in Christ and know what it means to be a Christian. Because of the significant influence parents have on a student’s faith, parents are actually part of the confirmation journey as well. If you’re a student who has completed ninth grade and would like to participate in confirmation without a parent, it is possible to do so on your own (although we do strongly suggest a parent join you in your journey.)

Confirmation is Mt. Bethel’s program designed to empower students and their families to connect in their relationships with God in new and growing ways. The program consists of on-demand and live sessions for students and at least one parent. The on-demand sessions will include teaching, movie clips, faith experiences, Bible studies, and discussions for students and their parent(s) to do at home. We’ll have in-person sessions, including one overnight, at the church to have some shared faith experiences.  It’s an awesome opportunity for students to build a good foundation of what it means to be a Christian, follow Jesus, and be a part of a church. 

Confirmation sessions will be released online and you will also receive a packet that corresponds to each lesson. The live sessions will correspond to on-demand lessons, so it’s important to watch those lessons before coming to the church for the in-person sessions. The schedule for our live sessions is August 29, September 10-11 (overnight at MB); October 10, November 7. The informational session will be August 15 via zoom with Confirmation Sunday planned for November 14.

Not sure if your student is ready for confirmation? Check out our FAQs.
If you have additional questions about your student’s readiness, your family’s ability to engage with us, or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Kristen Funderburk.


October 24, 2021




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