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Pivot.stepone for Students: Generation Change

Sundays at 9:30am starting August 20 and Wednesdays at 6:30pm starting August 23

Sundays at 9:30am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm, starting August 20 and 23.

Students, we know many of you don’t have jobs and rely on your parents for whatever cash you need. So maybe you don’t think a lot about tithing to God, giving to the needy,  saving for the future, or debt from college or credit cards.

How we spend our money and time reflects a lot about what’s going on in our hearts, and we want to have our hearts devoted to Christ. The truth is, whether your wallets and schedules are full or empty, EVERYONE has SOMETHING to give, and we want to good at managing what we have. There are some important things about our resources that you need to know—and we’re about to get real with what God says about how we work, give, save, and spend.

Join us on either Sunday mornings at 9:30 (middle school students meet in the CAC/Gym and high school students meet in the Upper Room) or Wednesday evenings at 6:30 (all students meet in B109) for studies about money,  work, giving, life and change.  It’s called GENERATION CHANGE. We start August 20 and 23. Check out this video for a preview.

And here’s a bonus: Each week you attend class you will be entered to win prizes, including a $100 voucher towards a 2017-18 MBSM event or retreat. Don’t miss it!

Note: You can choose whether to attend on Sunday morning or Wednesday night; no need to do both. Hangout and InsideOut worship will go on as usual during this time.

Adult classes are offered at the same times (as well as many other times). To register or to get more information on FPU at Mt. Bethel, go to pivotstepone.org.