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2018 New Room Regional Conference

March 2, 2018 | 8:30 am-4:30 pm | Mt. Bethel Fellowship Hall

Plan now to join us, and be sure to enter HOSTCHURCH to get the half price Mt. Bethel discount.

New Room Gatherings bring the vision of new room from big stage presentation to round table transformation. We are focusing this year’s gatherings around our core commitment to Banded Discipleship. What is it? Why does it matter? How do we do it?

Why Banded Discipleship? Because we find ourselves at the end of a long era of church growth emphasis waking up to the fact that in so many cases we have managed to grow churches that aren’t growing people.

Yes, we have found we can grow churches without growing people. New Room’s core conviction is the church only grows as her people are growing. You can grow churches without growing people but you can’t grow people without also growing the church.

The New Room Gatherings are about growing people into mature disciples who are becoming disciple makers. Conference day will be filled with visionary insight, practical wisdom and hands on practice. Banded Discipleship is not a new idea but it promises to be a new wineskin. The New Wine of the Holy Spirit is looking for new wineskins. Like you, we are pretty sure it won’t be new programs that do the trick. It is going to take a new class of relationships. It’s going to take disciples banding together in order to sow for a great awakening. If you are looking for a quick fix, this isn’t the ticket. If you are ready to put your hand to the plow in a new way and play the long game of awakening, then you’ve got to be here.

The New Room name is inspired by the first-ever building that the Wesleys built to accommodate their emergent movement. The New Room building, constructed in 1739 in the Horsefair area of Bristol, England, was originally given this seemingly temporary moniker and it appears to have stuck. This revered structure, which is still beautifully maintained, has a handsome paned-glass arched window above its pulpit which is the inspiration for our New Room logo. For us, this symbol from the genesis of the Great Awakening is a fitting image for our vision for the Seedbed and New Room movements.

At its core, New Room is a new space in the larger arena of global Christianity. New Room has emerged as a place where Christians sharing a common Wesleyan-Arminian theological perspective can find common fellowship and a valuable resourcing platform. The goal of New Room is to be a community where individuals can remain true to their own traditions, while at the same time joining with passionate believers who share their hope for revival and their expectation that through the agency of the Holy Spirit lives can be powerfully and decisively changed. These persons and groups are united in a belief that God is not through with this work and that (appearances notwithstanding) the Wesleyan revival is not fully spent!

New Room Conference is our effort to gather pastors and leaders under one roof to convene conversations, curate content, call to prayer, and inspire a new generation of men and women who long to be a part of a great awakening. Our heart is to resource the Global Christian Movement—not a particular church or denomination or institution. We are part of the global tribe of the Wesleyan Tradition, and in this we are attempting to gather the many scattered parts of this movement across the church because we have come to believe this tried and true way of Wesleyan discipleship is the most comprehensive scriptural vision and the most extravagant transformational expression of the Gospel in the history of the Church so far. We are not looking to restore what was, rather we are asking God to lead us into fresh expressions and holy spirit empowered leadership to spread the holy love of God. Join us for the Regional New Room Conference to be held at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church on Friday, March 2, 2018.