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DNOW 2019

Friday, February 8 through Sunday, February 10 | MB East Cobb Campus

$120; $20 discount for registration in November; $10 discount for registration in December

Please note: Student registration is now closed. We are still in need of host homes and college leaders.

For one weekend in February,  students from all over East Cobb come to Mt. Bethel for DNOW – Disciple Now weekend.

Throughout the weekend, we experience incredible worship, hear challenging messages, serve our community and have fun. Most importantly, students will have the chance to unpack what they’ve experienced with college leaders who have come to serve from universities throughout the Southeast. Our college leaders are madly in love with Jesus and want nothing more than to lead and serve our students! Groups of students and their college leaders will stay in host homes. Our hosts are fabulous church members who graciously open their houses to our students throughout the weekend.

If you would like to volunteer to serve as a host home or college leader, please follow the appropriate link below. Any questions should be directed to Patricia Clark.

Want to know more about being a host home? Click here for a video from one of our host home parents.

College Leader Registration

Host Home Registration

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DNOW is Mt. Bethel Student Ministries’ annual in-house retreat and the biggest thing that we do all year. Come be a part of it, or follow us on social media!
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Schedule for the Weekend

Friday, February 8
Students will begin to arrive at your Home & Drop off their luggage and snacks. (For any students who arrive with a time away or mission form please bring them to church.)
7pm: Go over house rules and give them a tour as to what parts of the house they are welcome to use.
7:45pm: Session 1 begins: students need to be at the CAC by 7:30pm at the latest. Host homes need to text Bess Murray at 770-356-4013 or Curry Wiles at 770-377-7653 if someone in your group did not show up to your house.
9:30pm: Host home pick-up
10pm: Family Group 1: your college leader will lead this time with the students
12:00 am: Curfew: Please have your students indoors and quiet by this time.

Saturday, February 9
8:30am: Breakfast at Host Home: you provide breakfast for students and college leaders
9am: Family group 2: your college leaders will lead the students
10am: Session 2: drop students off at the CAC by 9:45 at the latest; they will be gone from 10am-3pm.
11am: Lunch and Mission Projects
3pm: Host Home pickup: be here and ready to pick up your students by 3pm.
3-5pm: Chill/Get ready for the Decades party: Students may ask for a Target or Walmart run. As long as Host Homes drive the students, you are free to go wherever.
5-5:30pm: Dinner at Host Home: you provide dinner
6:30pm: Saturday Party and Session 3: please have your students to the CAC by 6:15pm at the latest.
8:45pm: Dismiss to Host Home: Host Homes pick up; please be flexible with our Saturday night schedule – we try to yield to the Holy Spirit as He moves!
9:30pm: Family Group 3/one-on-ones : your college leaders will lead the students.
12am: Curfew

Sunday, February 10
8:30am: Breakfast (you provide breakfast for students and college leaders), clean up/pack up
10:30am: Session 4 in the CAC (provide transportation to CAC by this time/ students wear DNOW2019 t-shirt and jeans). Please bring your students’ luggage in your car, and be in the CAC by 10:15. Students will leave their luggage in your car throughout the service. Make sure you have a DNOW car flag visible, as your car flag will be your parking pass. Please join your students and leaders in the CAC for Session 4
12:30pm: Luggage Pick-up: Students meet with Host Home in the parking lot to get luggage from your car. After your students have picked up their luggage, please turn in car flags, any extra shirts, and you r host home evaluations to the Help Desk

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