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Spring Confirmation begins February 24, 2019 | Check back for registration information | Mt. Bethel UMC

Confirmation is Mt. Bethel’s program designed to empower students and their families to connect in their relationships with God in new and growing ways. We have shifted our Confirmation programming this year to be more effective and schedule-friendly for our participating families. Confirmation is comprised of six one-hour Sunday morning sessions, as well as a weekend-long retreat, and is no longer a grade-bound experience, which means that students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to enroll whenever he or she is spiritually ready. How do you know if your student is spiritually ready? Consider these questions.

  • Does your student initiate faith-based conversations and questions, or respond with interest when you do?
  • Do you see evidence of your child’s faith in his or her actions (reads Bible, desires to serve, holds a deep sense of right/wrong)?
  • Does your student express an active desire to come to church?

So that we can continue to equip our families as the primary spiritual leaders in our students’ lives, we are thrilled to include parents in our Confirmation process. We ask that at least one parent accompany each student to each Sunday session*, as well as to the weekend retreat. For parents of students in grades 7-9, attendance at the retreat is required, and for parents of students in grades 10-12, we strongly encourage your attendance at the retreat as well. If you have a conflict with Confirmation Retreat, please plan to register for Confirmation in the spring, as we ask that each parent and student attend Confirmation Retreat in its entirety (7pm Friday night until 12pm on Sunday). Note: There is no charge for confirmation; however, we ask that you help defray the cost of the retreat with a contribution of $280 (covers both parent and child), or contribute as you are able. Student ministries heavily subsidizes the expense for us, and we certainly do not want the expense to prevent you and your student from participating in Confirmation. Scholarships are available; please contact us for more information or assistance.

*While parents and students must attend all sessions for the student to be confirmed, we do permit one absence per Confirmation experience (excluding Confirmation Retreat).

We will offer Confirmation in both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. The meeting dates for both sessions are listed below. Please review these dates carefully, and choose which session best suits the schedule and needs of your family. Spring registration will be posted later this fall.

If you have questions about your student’s readiness, your family’s ability to engage with us, financial commitment (scholarships are available), or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Elley Fisk.

Fall 2018
August 19 – Session 1
August 24-26 – Confirmation Retreat at Camp Glisson in Dahlonega (from 7pm Friday until 12pm Sunday)
September 2 – no meeting, Labor Day
September 9 – Session 2
September 16 – Session 3
September 23 – no meeting, Fall Break
September 30 – Session 4
October 7 – Session 5
October 14 – Session 6

Spring 2019 (Registration to be posted)
February 24 – Session 1
March 1-3 – Confirmation Retreat (from 7pm Friday until 12pm Sunday)
March 10 – Session 2
March 17 – Session 3
March 24 – Session 4
March 31 – no meeting, Spring Break
April 7 – Session 5
April 14 – Session 6