Creating Community

November 22, 2019
By MB Communications

Beginning in December, Mt. Bethel is upgrading its coffee service by offering Kings Coffee across our East Cobb Campus. Kings Coffee is known for its high-end, rich coffees and its commitment to giving back to local missions. At Mt. Bethel, we are a community of action and will be giving back to missions through coffee sales. For each dollar you spend on a cup of Kings Coffee, 60 cents will go to one of our mission partners. For December, Kidz2Leaders will receive the proceeds from our coffee sales. If you want to know more about Kidz2Leaders you can check out their website here.

Because we value belonging, we are intentionally creating space where community can happen. Over the summer, we combined and renovated two rooms in the Christian Activities Center where our high school students can hang out with one another. Currently, we are working to renovate the bookstore and small dining room to be a gathering area on Sunday mornings, as well as a meeting spot during the week. The new space will carry bestsellers as well as coffee, non-coffee beverages, and a variety of food items.

Other areas we are considering updating are the many entrances we have. We are specifically looking to those areas through the perspective of visitors and what we want them to know about Mt. Bethel as they walk through the hallways and foyers. Our objective is for visitors to know they are welcome, and they are invited to belong in a community that values people and wants to connect with one another.