The Consignment Sale Gets Personal

February 22, 2016
By MB Communications Team

Nicole at Consignment SaleAs the Director of Women’s Ministry, I often get the opportunity to talk about the Consignment Sale. My love for the Consignment Sale grows every year as I realize the immense impact. Over $45,000 is given every year to missions that support women and children around the world. I’ll never forget the picture of the the children of Orphanage Emmanuel wearing the donated clothing. I’ll also never forget hearing about the local family who lost their home and all their belongings to a fire and were invited to come and shop the sale.  

Children of Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras with clothes from Consignment Sale.

These are the stories that have warmed my heart, but it wasn’t long ago that the love of the sale became much more personal. I’ll never forget the first time that I lined up in the hallway to enter the sale as a foster parent. The hallway was packed with parents and older children anxiously awaiting their turn to shop. The hustle and bustle and waiting for the doors to open led to butterflies in my own belly about what the next few minutes of shopping may hold. However, I soon felt my own anxiety and that others dissipate as each family was assigned a personal volunteer to help them shop. These volunteers greeted their shopping families with warm smiles and quickly got their marching orders of clothing needs and sizes. As the doors opened there was a rush of excitement as parents had the opportunity to pick out “new” clothing for each of their children. The volunteers happily buzzed about searching for just the perfect item. I remember leaving with a bag full of goodies to bring home to our precious little boy.  

As a mom of two girls, my attic is full of bows and ruffles. However, we have fostered nine boys over the past two years. Each time I have shopped the consignment sale, I have picked up clothing for the current foster boy in our home. Thanks to the sale, I now have boy clothing, not just for our current foster placement but for the ones who have followed. I have also shared these clothes with my sister and her family who also foster. I love that these gifts of clothing continue to give long past their first owners.  

Will you consider donating any of your clothing items that do not sell? Would you consider donating a couple hours of time on Saturday, March 5 to help the families shop? I know that you will be blessed by this experience!

Nicole Taylor

Director of Women’s Ministry