Connecting With Romanian Youth

July 13, 2017
By Cecilia Rider

A glimpse into one evening spent with the youth in Romania…
We had dinner with the teens and young adults before our discussion began. There were about 36 of us altogether, some familiar faces and some new. Cristi had collected questions from the young people and sent them to us. We chose 4 of the questions which we felt could be Biblically answered and were actually questions most of us have struggled with at one time or another. Cristi opened our time together with praise songs and prayer. The Romanians have a gift for music and praise through song that is such a joy to witness and be a part of. They sing songs that would be familiar to many of you but their words are Romanian and their faith shines through the music.
Our discussion touched on why God didn’t just destroy Satan, how we can know God’s will for our own lives, and why God sent His son to die on the cross. We used scripture to help answer the questions and asked a lot of questions to get them to really think about how to use God’s word, prayer, and fellowship with other believers to help them with the tough questions. Paul led the discussion, shared some personal experiences, and encouraged others to participate and answer or ask as they felt the need. These young people know the Bible, and they know God and have seen Him in their lives. It was interesting to hear their thoughts and questions and see that they can actually answer and encourage each other if given the opportunity and someone to facilitate as they do so. There were those who were quiet and didn’t speak, but you could still see them listening and thinking about what was said. Paul had two of the young men come up to him afterwards and express how the discussion encouraged them and that they’d like to have more opportunities to gather and discuss questions to deepen their understanding of God’s word. We pray that they would find mentorship in their own congregation and that they would be encouraged to ask the questions so that they can find answers and grow in their relationships with God.