Coming Home to my India Church Family

November 10, 2017
By Whitney Denton, Mt. Bethel Member

Home. I never thought I could call another country home, but I see now how that is possible. As I walked into church Sunday in Hyderabad, I was greeted with shouts of, “Welcome home, Dr. Whitney!” I was filled with warmth and joy as I sang a familiar hymn in Telugu with my friends (and I finally was able to sing along!). I was home.

At the women’s conference in Karimnigar, I felt the arms of 99 women wrapping around me as I taught a little and learned even more. Record numbers were in attendance and even so, it felt like I was surrounded by all my closest aunties. I felt like I was at a family reunion. Some familiar faces and some new. These women are some of the strongest women I have ever met. Their knowledge, even though some are “young Christians,” astounds me. To hear them share what they learned from the lessons was truly humbling. God is at work here.

As I approached the Mission hospital for the third year, I was welcomed by the open arms of old friends. Not only was I coming home to my daily comfort zone of medicine, but I was coming home to the a place that I revere as holy ground. This hospital is incredibly special to me. I have witnessed and felt the movement of the Holy Spirit countless times here. It never ceases to amaze me that His presence continues to show up.

This year, we were slow to start, but toward the end of the camp, we were racing against the clock to finish seeing the long queue of patients before closing. I was again blessed with humble patients, appreciative of any care they received, even if what they needed went beyond the scope of the camp. I was blessed to pray over my patients to ask the true physician to heal them. After all, I’m just a conduit for His healing hands. This hospital has made me recognize even more that my work is nothing without Him. As we leave Karimnigar, we leave a city that that is realizing that He’s the God of this city. We leave a city that is convicted that there is no one like OUR God!

Whitney Denton