Children Learning the Power of Prayer

August 2, 2017
By Jenny Thompson, Children's Worship Coordinator

In July, the kids in Children’s Worship have been learning to PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens. This past Sunday, they learned how to pray for our missionaries’ safety, families, and ministries. As Ms. Brittany had the kids partner up back-to-back on the floor with arms linked and push into each other to stand together, she made the point that the prayers of those at home are crucial to helping the missionaries do their work in the field.

What made this lesson personal and interesting to the kids was learning that, just like them, some of Mt. Bethel’s missionaries grew up in our church. Additionally, they learned that our members go on short-term mission trips to support these and other missionaries annually. The missionaries who grew up at Mt. Bethel are: Morgan Worch with Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras, Annie Coppedge with the Neema House in Kenya, and Jeff Cardell, who works with local Christian churches, leaders, and young adults in Romania.

The highlight of the morning was when the kids got to hear about Mt. Bethel’s family mission trip to Honduras this past June. Jackson and Ellis, two of our kids, attended this trip with their dad, and one of our teen helpers, Sophie, also was on this trip with her parents. They were able to talk about their experiences, and you could see the joy and excitement in their faces. Many of our teen helpers and adult volunteers have been on short-term mission trips as well.

This past Sunday, every child went home with at least one missionary to pray for this week. We hope you will join us in praying for our missionaries and mission trips. Next week, we’ll end our PUSH series in Children’s Worship by learning how to pray God’s Word.

Jenny Thompson, Children’s Worship Coordinator

For more information about the missions Mt. Bethel supports, go here. To learn more about volunteering in Children’s Ministry, go here