Change a Diaper, Change a Life

July 6, 2017
By Anita Colley, Executive Director, Project82Kenya

During our June mission trip to Kenya, we saw a small but mighty example of how God is at work in our ministry there. While we were at our Neema Infant Rescue Home, a young lady with a tiny five week-old baby came to the house. Someone in town had directed her to us. She was escorted into our home and offered tea. She was visibly nervous.

I witnessed the depth of love of our staff as  they quietly and lovingly led this young lady through a discussion of how Neema House takes in abandoned babies, and first tries to reunite them with someone in the their biological family to take the baby or connected the baby with an adoptive parent. During this time, the  young mother cradled her baby, constantly stroking his perfect head and began to weep. It was evident she loved her baby. The young mother was unable to provide financially for the baby.

After much discussion and prayer, our staff began to explore options to walk alongside this mother and help her keep the baby. You have read about the extreme drought in Kenya and the after effects are still very real. The task of washing clothes and especially cloth diapers, (about 150 per day) for all the babies at Neema is overwhelming.

Our staff offered this young mother an opportunity to help with the washing for payment and we would care for her baby while she is washing. This would give her an opportunity to earn some money and get on her feet.

Miracles like this are a result of God’s love and grace and the sacrificial support of Project82 Kenya sponsors. If you want to find out more about helping respond to the needs, wants and growth of those we serve, click here »