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Catechesis Update: December 2016

November 29, 2016
By Betsy Brown, Catechesis Coordinator

Sunday, I had the privilege of observing in a couple of the Level 1 atria. It is so much fun to see how the little ones work! They can concentrate so well on something that they are working on. Because they are using their hands, their brains are engaged and developing too! One little boy was so engaged in threading wooden beads through a shoelace. He took each wooden bead and carefully threaded the lace through it. Then he figured out several ways of getting the bead to go to the end of the lace. Sometimes he picked up the shoelace and let the bead fall to the bottom, other times he placed the whole string of beads on the floor, put the bead on the shoelace and pulled the lace forward on the ground as the bead slid onto the lace and to the end. He was really engaged in how many ways those beads could go onto that shoelace. He was perfecting his problem-solving skills, his eye-hand coordination, and his enjoyment of discovery. This is what we want our three-year-olds to be doing! This helps their concentration which helps with contemplation and that leads to prayer!

The Catechist gave the lesson on the Prophecy of the Great Light. It comes from Isaiah 9:2. “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great LIGHT!” What do you think that would mean? It’s hard for adults! Yet a couple of four-year-olds said these things: “Jesus will always be with you so you won’t be afraid of the dark.” “Who is the great Light? JESUS!” “Jesus is always with us in our hearts.” These children really understand the most essential points of the Christian message!

In the love of the Good Shepherd,
Betsy Brown, Catechesis Coordinator