Camp WinShape 2018

July 17, 2018
By Elaine Friedrich, Discipleship Staff

The date will forever be etched in my memory: June 28, 2017. On that date, my son’s counselor, Caroline, eagerly pulled me aside at camper pick-up to share with me that my son had “something really special to share with me.” In his sweet, six-year-old way, he tried to explain that at camp that day, he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Caroline had tears in her eyes, and they quickly welled up in mine as I realized the significance of the gift my son had just received. He received a special handwritten note from Caroline that he now proudly displays on a bulletin board in his bedroom.

My son’s experience at camp during the summer of 2017 took on a whole new meaning for me when he attended again this summer. I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of his small group time as a WinShape volunteer this year, and when his counselor Ashley gathered the campers in close to explain the gift of salvation, I got to witness my son write down his reflection in response. He wrote that he had received Jesus’ salvation “at WinShape last year.” Knowing that my child recognizes that he is a chosen lamb of God, that he has the guarantee of a life everlasting with Jesus, and that he can proudly name and profess this truth is the greatest gift I could have ever received as his mother. I am eternally grateful for the beautiful seeds that WinShape planted in his heart!           

Stories like this one are why Mt. Bethel partners with WinShape. After the summer, WinShape will pack up and leave while the local church partners continue the task of discipling the children in East Cobb.

WinShape Camps For Communities is a ministry for communities. Through Chick-Fil-A’s partnership, WinShape Camps can offer the week of a lifetime to 280 children each week in East Cobb!

The gospel reaches families that may not know Jesus or have a church home. This summer, WinShape Camps utilized Mt. Bethel’s North Campus and offered seven weeks of camp. The WinShape Camp mission is to transform communities by bringing churches and organizations together in the community to be a witness for Jesus Christ. Throughout the seven weeks of camp at the North Campus, different Cobb County churches partner (provided the volunteers, snacks, meals for the staff) with WinShape. Mt. Bethel had the chance to partner with WinShape Camps for two weeks!

WinShape Camps incorporated the message and hope of Jesus Christ into all parts of the busy, fun-packed camp day. This summer, campers heard an outstanding theme presented by WinShape Camps. The worship time and small group Bible studies are all centered on the scripture of Psalm 23 where campers learned that the Lord is their Shepherd.

Did you know that 72 percent of Cobb County is unchurched? For those of us who are a part of a faith community, that is a shock!

An impact was made this summer in East Cobb. During the two weeks Mt. Bethel was the host church, 38 campers accepted Jesus Christ into their lives as their Lord and Savior and 57 campers wanted additional information about Jesus and the church after camp. The Lord used Mt. Bethel in a powerful way during those two weeks!

Thank you, Mt. Bethel, for partnering with WinShape to make a difference for Jesus in East Cobb as we celebrate what God has done through us!