Welcome Caleb!

November 30, 2015
By Trevor and Jeanne Pellegrino

Caleb BaptismThis past Sunday, our sweet four-month-old baby Caleb was baptized at Mt. Bethel North. It truly was a celebration of the grace of God! Caleb enjoyed it so much he responded to Steven a couple times and even tried to jump out of his arms. We feel so blessed that God has welcomed Caleb into his holy family and provided him with the lifelong journey of faith. Our family could not think of a better place for Caleb to start this journey than at Mt. Bethel North.

Each week, Steven preaches on the concept of “family,” and we truly feel that God has blessed Mt. Bethel and Mt. Bethel North with a sense of community, togetherness, and family. We know the Mt. Bethel family will welcome Caleb into the church and play an important role in his ever-growing relationship with God. Through this family, Caleb will learn to know God’s love, grace, and salvation!

As parents to Caleb, it’s extremely comforting to know Caleb has this extended family outside of his immediate family. God has blessed us and our community beyond belief, and we are so thankful for his gifts and grace. We look forward to watching Caleb grow in his faith and want to thank all of his “extended family” for the time and gifts they will provide him in the coming years.

Trevor and Jeanne Pellegrino

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