Stay connected with the Mt. Bethel Community


Mt Bethel's Buddy System is growing again!

We are expanding our group to include educators and would like to connect with any teachers, administrators, or other school staff who are preparing for what will be a very challenging school year.

Please see our Updates below to learn how you can help!


Please consider getting involved in this frontline ministry

Is there someone in your family or a friend that we can pray for and encourage whether elderly, at-risk, medical personnel, first responders, teachers, or just someone who needs a lift? If so, please connect with us so that we can let them know the Mt. Bethel family is praying for and loving them through these difficult times.

July 27, 2020


Teachers - Are you preparing to teach in the next school year, or are you currently teaching? Mt. Bethel would like to walk with you through prayer during this time. We understand that you have a great deal on your shoulders and want you to know we love you and want to pray for you. Please email us, and we will pair you with a buddy that will pray for you and your family. In your email, let us know the best way to contact you (through text or email), what school you are affiliated with, and any special prayer requests you may have. Also, if you have colleagues that are not members of the Mt. Bethel Community but would like to be prayed for, please share this information with them.

We encourage you to continue to pray for and write notes of encouragement to healthcare workers and First Responders as well as the staff and residents at nursing homes and assisted living homes in the East Cobb area. Please send cards, pictures, and notes to lift up these individuals during this time when many are feeling isolated. We need all families and individuals to help us reach out to this vulnerable population.
All correspondence can be dropped in the collection area under the portico at MB East Cobb. If you need additional note cards, there are some available there to pick up. Thank you so much!

Susan Folger