Beyond “The Sale”

August 8, 2019
By Selena McMasters, Former CCS co-chair

On August 16 and 17, the Mt. Bethel Children’s Consignment Sale (MBCCS) will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Selena McMasters, Mt. Bethel member and former co-chair of the event, gave insight into how the sale shares the love of Christ through volunteering and the donations that impact charities locally and globally:

Describe your first experience with the Mt. Bethel Children’s Consignment Sale.

When I first came to Mt. Bethel in 2008, I was brand new to the area. The Consignment Sale was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The energy and excitement for serving others was contagious. I became a volunteer shortly thereafter, first serving in the drop-off area and in the nursery for subsequent sales. After volunteering regularly, I was asked to join the sale committee and eventually co-chaired the event.

How have you experienced the love of Christ through the sale?

The ability to touch the lives of mothers and families is what captured my heart. There is something welcoming and comforting about coming through the doors of Mt. Bethel during the Consignment Sale–whether you’re dropping off items or helping charitable organizations make selections. The sale is a blessing for many families in our area, but it also goes much further to bless charities around the world.

When you’re volunteering with the sale, Christ provides strength and guidance to welcome and serve others genuinely and effectively. I relied on that strength daily in volunteering. His confidence and strong hand pushed me to help those who needed someone to listen or a hand to assist. He helped me hug crying mothers and children and give them all the comfort I had in my heart. He helped us wake up day after day, grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something much larger than ourselves and make a difference through the work we were doing.

If you were to describe how the MBCCS serves others through Christ to someone unfamiliar with the sale, how would you describe it?

The Consignment Sale is a massive undertaking, designed to help parents shopping on a budget. This is readily apparent to the community. But anyone who enters our doors as a volunteer, a shopper, or a consigner quickly learns that our sale is an outpouring of love. The attention and energy from our committee and volunteers makes you feel as if your heart is lighter and filled with Christ.

We are a sale, but we are so much more than that. All unsold, donated items are given to well-deserving philanthropies and families in need. We send 100 percent of the sale’s net proceeds all over the world to charities that support families and children (via an application process). We are truly continuing God’s work from what began as a sweet little consignment sale in the church kitchen in 1979.

To learn more about the sale, please visit the Mt. Bethel Children’s Consignment Sale website.