The Answer is in a High Five

June 13, 2017
By Dana Christian

What is full of energy, cute as pie, sings like an angel, and knows that God made them for a purpose?  The answer lies within any one of the 700 plus kids that joined us at VBS this past week at Maker Fun Factory: Created by God, Built for a Purpose.

This year’s VBS was my eleventh year volunteering along with countless other adults, arriving early and leaving late, preparing months in advance to pour into the children of our church and community. There are days that I question my inability to say no when it comes to leading and being a part of our children and student ministry activities. I have been asked many times in the past – “Why? What brings you back week after week, event after event to serve?” Sometimes I forget the answer, sometimes it does not roll off my tongue as easily as I would love. Sometimes the question is met with a shrug.  Then the magic happens, just when I start to forget why I serve, the answer lies within the sharp sting of a high-five.

Standing outside of the sanctuary at the end of the closing session each day, droves of children pour out, led home by a friend or family member. The sounds of God’s children hit me like a brick. Giggles, squeals, excitement, and, at times, friendly sibling banter carry through the narthex. Attempting to greet each child by name as they file past me keeps me on my toes. Having the name tags still attached to their shirts helps tremendously and makes each kid feel special and known. Their faces light up, toothy grins appear, and for one very bouncy girl, a full description of the robot that she was building at home came flowing out with exuberance. Her excitement about the week and what she has been learning, and that she wanted to share all that with me was so contagious that I caught myself bouncing along with her. I reached out to give her a high-five and received back one of the strongest high-fives of my life. The stinging lingered for a few minutes before abating. Then I heard the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear, “This is why you are here. These children. God’s children”.

Sometimes it takes a little sting to wake us up, to renew our spirits, to remind us that God Made Us for A Purpose. I am grateful today for a bouncy, freckled little girl-with-a-wicked-high-five’s reminder of why Vacation Bible School is so important and why I serve. See pictures from VBS here »

Dana Christian

Mother to Jason, Jacob, AJ, Aiden, and Alex, and longtime Mt. Bethel volunteer.