All Saints Sunday 2017

November 2, 2017
By Johnna Bain

CandlesAll Saints Sunday will be observed on November 5 in the Sanctuary services.

We celebrate the “communion of saints” as we remember those now living in the Father’s House, both of the Church universal and of Mt. Bethel. The names of Mt. Bethel’s members who died during the past year will be solemnly read as a candle is lit in their honor. As each name is read, we invite the family and friends to stand in tribute.

Leila Atkins
Grace Baird
Bill Bennett
Joan Bone
Nell Chapman
Joe Coleman
Olive Cook
John Crox
Terri Donnelly
Margaret Eason
Bob Entrekin
Steve Epperly
Gary Fausti
Joey Gerace
Mary Jane Gibbs
Louise Hansen
Warren Hinsch
Kathy Jones
Margaret Lane
Bill McBryde
Ennis O’Neal
Charlie Parsons
Clifford Redwine
Phil Rees
Charles Ricker
Betsy Roach
Doreen Scott
Greg Sharpless
Lucy Shenkel
Dick Stafford
Helen Vento
Ron Voight
Closs West
Todd Wilson
Jo Woods

As we celebrate the arrival of Mt. Bethel’s beloved members into the Church Triumphant, we also give thanks for their faithful stewardship during their earthly journey. Their love for Christ was expressed through their faithful support of Mt. Bethel with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.