A Sentimental Sale

August 6, 2015
By Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman ConsignmentThis morning, as I was preparing some items to sell in the upcoming Consignment Sale, I thought of the journey they had been on and where they’d be going next. As I cleaned the jumpy I bought six years ago the first time I shopped the consignment sale while eight months pregnant, I remember exactly how much I paid for it. Not only was it a good deal, the satisfaction of a good deal was nothing compared to how much joy it brought me watching my son and then my daughter bounce away happily in it.

Part of me wants to hold onto the jumpy, because my oldest started kindergarten this week and it’s a sentimental time already. I want to invent a time machine and go back to when I used the jumpy daily.

Part of me is thrilled to have a corner in my basement available again. Baby stuff is big! I wondered who would buy the jumpy next. Will it be someone bringing home a first or second or third child, a new grandparent excited to make their home as welcoming as possible, or will it end up being given to a family in need thankful for a sale like Mt. Bethel’s that thinks of them and shares the unsold donated items with them?

Not only do the items for sale at the Consignment Sale all have stories, all the people that walk through the doors have a story too. Being part of the Committee, I’ve had the blessing to learn so many stories of volunteers, consignors, and shoppers. As the Volunteer Coordinator, I’ve been so very humbled by the volunteers and their motivations to be there. I’ve also learned that God provides the people and, if not the people, then He provides His Spirit to fill in the gaps.

Romania moms

Romanian women arranging clothing donated from the Mt. Bethel Children Consignment Sale for moms to choose.

God only knows the importance of this sale and the many blessings that will shower down from it. I had no idea when I shopped the first time six years ago, the good deals that got my attention would fade compared to the good deeds I’ve witnessed over the years. I had no idea how far reaching the mission of this sale is in our community and beyond (the faces of these young women pictured in Romania say it all). I had no idea how my faith would be strengthened and how God would use the Consignment Sale as a means of seeing how His hand is truly in the details.

I love that hundreds of shoppers, consignors, and volunteers participate every six months and are all part of this story that’s been part of my life for six years now and many more, I hope. If you’re not involved, I hope you get involved. We are God’s hands and feet, and this is such a fun way to be the church in action.

Amy Goodman

The next Mt. Bethel Children’s Consignment Sale is August 20-22. Sign up to consign or volunteer, or just mark your calendar to come shop!